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Guruprasad relaunches 'Director's Special'

Kannada film-maker Guruprasad, who shot to prominence through his trendsetting movies Matha and Eddelu Manjunatha, has relaunched his third movie ‘Director’s Special’. Guruprasad was forced to relaunch the movie as the then lead actor of the movie, Komal, well-known comedian, pulled out of the project owing to the controversial storyline.

‘Director’s Special’ chronicles the travails of a struggling Kannada film director. The movie indirectly makes a mockery of the Kannada film industry, especially top actors. Komal, brother of another comedian Jaggesh, who had earlier agreed to act in the lead role, backtracked after hearing the complete story two months ago. He even convened a press conference to announce that he was no more part of ‘Director’s Special’ and had parted ways with Guruprasad through mutual consent.

Since then, there was no news from Guruprasad. But we hear that he has changed the storyline of the film and roped in new-comers for the movie.

The relaunch of ‘Director’s Special’ was attended by the who’s who of the Kannada film industry. Actors Ambareesh, Ravichandran, Raghavendra Rajkumar, Srinagara Kitty, Jaijagadeesh, Tabala Naani, directors Duniya Soori, Nagathihalli Chandrashekar and V Manohar wished good luck to Guruprasad, who is known for portraying satire in a realistic manner.

Guruprasad has written the story, screenplay and dialogue for the third film. His favorite technical crew, cinematographer P L Ravi and music composer Anoop Seelin, are part of ‘Director’s Special.’ The shooting for the movie will commence shortly.

One of the top-most directors in demand, Guruprasad turned down offers from top actors after delivering two consecutive hits through Matha and Eddelu Manjunatha. His directorial debut Matha was a box office hit two years ago featuring Jaggesh in the lead. His second film Eddelu Manjunatha, again with Jaggesh in the lead, was the highest grosser of 2009. Since then, he has been working on ‘Director’s Special’.

In the meantime, he wrote dialogues for the Kannada version of the Tamil hit film Naadodigal. Puneet Rajkumar will play the lead in the Kannada version.

The fact that Guruprasad’s dialogues are not filmy style has made him a hit among the audiences. The language he uses in the film is similar to that used in day-to-day life. Even the lyrics of songs from his movie are close to reality, and do not rely on glorifying literature.

Will Guruprasad complete a hat-trick?