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Jackie in Telugu, Malayalam

Kannada’s Powerstar Puneet Rajkumar will be shortly seen in Telugu and Malayalam versions of his major blockbuster Jackie!

Well-known Kannada producer Rajkumar has purchased the dubbing rights of ‘Jackie’. Currently, the dubbing work for the movie is in progress in a reputed Chennai studio.

“I plan to release the Telugu version of ‘Jackie’ during the second week of March. The Malayalam version will also be released around the same time,” he added.

Rajkumar has no plans of releasing the Tamil version of ‘Jackie’ for now. He has roped in well-known Telugu and Malayalam dubbing artistes and playback singers for the movies.

Discussions with theatre owners in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala have not yet reached the final stage. “The total number of screens that will screen ‘Jackie’ in both the states will be finalized during February,” he said pointing out that the discussions were highly encouraging.

‘Jackie’ recently completed 100 days in more than a dozen theatres in Karnataka and is set to touch Rs 50 crore in revenue generation. If the movie stays in the theatres for another three weeks, it will overtake the late actor Vishuvardhana’s ‘Aaptha Rakshaka’ as the highest revenue grosser of 2010.

Puneet’s biggest blockbuster has inspired several other film-makers. A new project titled ‘Jungle Jackie’ has already been announced by producer Sindhoor. The movie features a TV reality show winners Rajesh and Aishwarya.