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Komaram Puli : Pawan Kalyan doesn't give a damn about records

“The legend came as a Shepherd, The legend came as a Merchant and then the legend came as a Lawyer. Now, the legend comes as a Police Officer.” The first teaser of Pawan Kalyan’s Komaram Puli couldn’t have been more exciting. On July 11, hundreds of fans who had gathered to catch a glimpse of Pawan Kalyan and A R Rahman during the audio launch were in for a big surprise. Pawan Kalyan’s dashing avatar as a Police Officer sparked fan frenzy. A thundering applause followed his powerful dialogue - ‘Karthavyame Devalayam, Karthavyame Masjid. Karthavyame Church.  Karthavya Dharmanni Sakramamga Nirvarthisthe Meere Devullu,’ ( Duty is Temple, Duty is Masjid, Duty is Church. If you perform your duties well, then all of you are gods). S J Suryah, the director of the film revealed that Komaram Puli was a socially relevant film which would reflect Pawan Kalyan’s off-screen persona. But things took a different turn when Pawan Kalyan poured his heart out about the film. His  statement – “I don’t like talking about the success of my films,’ became the talk of the town. An unknown facet of the Power Star had emerged. Does success means nothing to him? It was almost as if he had read our minds and answered our question almost immediately. “Behind the success of my films, there’s a collective effort of a lot of people right from light men to millions of fans. I have seen the effort which they all put in but it’s not recognized. I sincerely wish that everyone be given due credit if a film becomes a hit.”

Pawan Kalyan plays role of a powerful cop in the Anti Terrorist Squad named ‘Komaram Puli’, hence the title. Nikesha Patel also plays a police officer who later on becomes a housewife. Her role has both serious as well as comical undertones. Aft er shaking her leg for item numbers in Devadas and Thulasi, Shriya Saran is doing the same for a solo song, Dochey in this film. Similar to Khushi, S J Suryah will be seen in a special role in this film.

Singanamala Ramesh, the producer of the film is all set to make the big splash this August. Komaram Puli is the highest budgeted film in Pawan Kalyan’s career. Binodh Pradhan, the cinematographer of the film has gone all out to ensure Komaram Puli is technically brilliant. This is the fi rst time that A R Rahman has composed the music for a Pawan Kalyan’s film. Here’s some more inside scoop of what Komaram Puli has in store for us

  • The story of the film takes us across seven countries. The film has been shot in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai. All the guns used by Pawan Kalyan and others in the film were sourced from Dubai.
  • While shooting the film in Dubai, Pawan Kalyan bought one of his favourite bikes, a Harley Davidson which cost him Rs.40 lakhs. He drove the bike in the film as well.
  • A R Rahman has collaborated with artists from three European countries for re-recording the background score.
  • Out of the six songs in the film, there are four direct songs and two background songs. 
  • Lyricist Chandrabose, who wrote all the six songs in the film, took almost three months to write Amma Thalle while all it took to write Maaralante was 30 minutes.
  • Pawan Kalyan is all set to enthrall his fans with his dance moves in the song ‘Power Star… Power Star’.
  • There are two extra ordinary chase sequences and Pawan Kalyan has done even the risky scenes all by himself.

Komaram Puli promises to be a complete action entertainer with a good message ingrained in its storyline. Expectations are sky high from this film, aft er all this is Pawan Kalyan’s latest film aft er two long years. His previous film, Jalsa was a blockbuster and nothing less would do for all those who are looking forward to this film.